Electrical heating system on spacecraft

New Generation of Electrical Heating Solutions

Appl-385-0018THERMOCOAX is the European leader for onboard heating systems. We provide heating cables for heating management systems on large satellites like satcoms. These heating elements work at 100 Volts for the new generation of satellites as well as 50 Volts . We provide innovative heating systems on heat pipes, fuel pipes, valves, multispectral cameras and spectrometers on rovers for sample analyses.

The major advantage of working with THERMOCOAX’s heating systems is the full traceability of the heating cable. This heating cable is manufactured in-house with full traceability of raw materials and cable batch. We operate thermal cycling on 100% of the heating elements to demonstrate they are perfectly designed for the long-term usage in space.

The high technology of our mineral-insulated heating cable provides heating solutions that are highly integrable. The diameter of heating cable is typically from 1 mm to 2 mm with 2 identical and independent heating coils inside for redundancy.

Heating system applications

  • On valves & actuactors
  • For shunt resistors, to dump excess power
  • To keep constant the structural heating temperature
  • Maintain temperature of electronic components
  • For spectrometer analysis
  • Start up heat pipes

PEMAC - heaten nozzle 

PEMAC - ptv direct inlet

SEMICON-heating plate

 Heating system key parameters :

  • Temperature range : -55 to 950°C
  •  Withstands up to 1600°C with platinum sheath
  • Up to 200 Watts at 100 Volts
  • Up to 6 W/cm²
  • Redundancy with 2 independent coils
  • Insulator MgO
  • Heater diameter 1 to 2mm
  • Bending radius 3 times the diameter
  • Cold end design
  • Insulation resistance >100 MΩ/100V
  •  100% batch control of heating cable
  • 15 years experience on satellites and space probes

Heating system expertise :

  • Heating systems on multispectral camera for Venus satellite
  • Heating systems in spectrometers in Rover CURIOSITY
  • Pyrolyser heating system of Cassini–Huygens mission
  • Heating system on chemical thrusters
  • Eurostar Satcom platform
  • European Scientific mission