Thermocouples for testing and flying space modules


Thermocouples for temperature management in space industry

 THERMOCOAX is a large thermocouple maker for complex industries such as space.

We develop and provide thermocouples up to 2300°C. For applications up to 1000°C, we provide K and N type, class1, in diameters from 0.25 to 6 mm. For high temperature thermocouples, we provide S, R, B and C type Ø 0.7 mm up to 3 mm.

Peigne-de-temperature-type S

High thermocouple quality

Their high quality is due to our proprietary mineral-insulated cable being manufactured in-house. We offer 100% of traceability up to the raw material. We provide very complex and strategic systems on satellites or space probes.

Thermocouple key parameters

 E, T, J, K, N type

  • from 25 up to 6mm
  • Duplex or triplex design for redundancy
  • Insulator MgO
  • Insulation >1012Ω.m
  • SS304,SS316, SS321, I600, I625
  • Bending radius 3 times the diameter
  • Class 1
  • NIST calibration

High temperature thermocouple key parameters

S, R, D, B or C type
Insulator beryllium or hafnium oxide
Sheath alloy:

  • Tantalum
  • Molybdenum
  • Rhenium
  • Niobium          

Thermocouple application description :

  •  Skin thermocouples for re-entry from space
  • for the high temperature furnace for MSL of the International Space Station
  • to control the catalyst system for chemical propulsion
  • for scientific test programs on the ground or under space conditions
  • Specific rake
  • for measuring gas flow of launcher propulsors