Electrical Heating Systems for Spacecraft

Keeping a system at temperature is crucial to ensure a longer life in the cold atmosphere of space. Discover our Electrical Heating Systems for spacecraft : 

Thermocoax is a leading European manufacturer of heating systems for spacecraft. Designed to maintain and stabilise temperatures, our new generation of on-board heating solutions are certified for next-generation 100 V satellite platforms.

Innovative Heating Solutions for the Space Industry

Thermocoax heating elements are intended for all satellite types and manufacturers of propulsion systems. They are ideal for temperature stability of onboard multispectral cameras, heat pipes, Mechanical Pump Loop systems, and to activate Shape Memory Alloy actuator technology.

Heating Systems for All Types of Power Supply

The high-tech nature of our mineral insulated cable means that they can be integrated in a range of different systems.

Furthermore, Thermocoax heating elements function on all satellite platforms whatever the power supply. We can also integrate two heating loops in one cable for a redundancy system and the resistance wires generate heat under stress.

Thermal Products with 100% Traceability

One of the renowned features of Thermocoax products is traceability.  In our heating systems we guarantee full traceability of the raw materials as well as batch control in the heating cables.

For further added value, we perform thermal cycling on all our heating elements to demonstrate their suitability for long-term use in space. 

Proven Track Record in Space

Thermocoax electrical heating systems have a proven track record up to 100 Volt on platforms such as the Eurostar E3000 & Eurostar Neo, SpaceBus Neo and SkySat.

They were also used in European and American Scientific Missions such as the Curiosity rover on Mars and Huygens space probe on Titan.

Electrical Heating Systems : Technical Data

  • Mineral insulated cable diameter 1-2 mm
  • High flexibility for complex-shaped systems
  • Soldered or brazed for efficient heat transfer
  • Two identical and independent heating spirals

For more detailed specifications and information about our electrical heating systems, please do not hesitate to request a quote.