THERMOCOAX, leading manufacturer of mineral insulated cable solutions, develops thermal solutions for Space industries.

Our technology and expertise are used for Thermal management system. We are supporting Satellites, propulsion manufacturers and research organizations. We support our customers with heating devices, catalyst bed heater, high temperature thermocouple qualified in accordance with the last applicable standards.

Our mission is to support and provide our customers with more reliable, efficient services and solutions. We are looking to be part of the new environmentally friendly Space generation of platforms.

As we specialize in custom designs, we maintain a continual contact with our partners. 

You will find herewith information about our capabilities for several applications and products in Space Industry.

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Thermocoax offers in the space market heating systems, catalyst bed heaters, magnetic coils and also thermocouples.

We manage customer’s projects as : Castalyst bed heater for  hydrazine or green propellant thrusters,  Magnetic bobines for electric engine, Heating devices up to 100 volts, Heating plates for vaccum chambers, Thermocouples up to 2000°C, down to 0.2mm.