Meet Olivier Herve, Thermocoax’s Space Business Developer

“My name is Olivier Herve and I’ve been working for Thermocoax since 2004. I’m responsible for our space portfolio. One of my missions is to work with the engineering and RD departments on new designs. My other mission I have is to support the sales team in developing partnerships with our customers.”

An experienced partner the space industry

Our technologies are developed and built in-house, and incorporate the latest advances, such as safer monopropellants and space debris management (SDM).

Our applications have been successfully tested on platforms such as the Eurostar E3000 and Eurostar Neo, SpaceBus Neo, SkySat and PRISMA. We also have a proven track record on board satellite constellations, including Planet.

“Thermocoax brings new expertise to the space market. Our mineral-insulated cables are not only more powerful and have a higher power density than traditional cables, but they are also thinner. They offer significant advantages to integrators in the space domain where weight and power are vital elements of design. “

“Our space journey began 20 years ago with a couple of scientific programs that included heating system for the Huygens probe and another one that involved experimenting with our solution for Hall-Effect thrusters for Smart 1.“

What Thermocoax applications are available for the space market?

We support our customers with our range of in-house mineral-insulated cable solutions.

Our technology and expertise are primarily used for thermal management systems. We support satellite and propulsion manufacturers, as well as research organizations.

Thermocoax specializes in custom designs that involves a continuous dialogue with our partners to ensure that their requirements are met. We can manage a diverse range of projects, including:

Working to build the space market of the future

“Our products will play an even more important role in the next generation of space products. The new breed of satcoms produce a lot of energy and our customers need innovative solutions to maintain stable platform temperatures. Thermocoax is developing heating solutions that couple with heat pipes and mechanical pump-loop systems.”

Thermocoax’s mission is to support our customers and to provide them with more reliable and efficient services and solutions. We are working hard to ensure that we are a key supplier in the new, environmentally friendly generation of space platforms.

“Our experience was mostly built in the field of geo-satcoms. We plan to continue working in this field: new and larger satcoms will soon be launched that offer communication via 5G. That will provide connectivity between aircraft and fast internet communication. Our solution is designed to have a long lifespan, with our tests demonstrating that they can operate for more than 15 years.” 

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