Magnetic Coils for Hall-Effect Thrusters

Discover our Magnetic Coils for a New Generation of Electrical Space Propulsion.

In space engine propulsion, Hall-Effect thrusters are used for orbit transfer, orbital station-keeping and deorbiting at end of life. In contrast to chemical propulsors, here the thrust is obtained from a magnetic field that accelerates the propellant, usually xenon.

For more than 10 years, Thermocoax has been supplying magnetic coils for HET thrusters. These new-generation thrusters are less powerful than chemical propulsors but propel for longer. Which is ideal for long-distance space exploration.

Lower fuel, more thrust

Furthermore, the technology behind the Hall-effect thruster means lower fuel consumption. Which translates into 30% less fuel weight.

And because electrical power is a determining factor for thrust, we provide for a range of engines: from 500 watts to more powerful models of 5 kW.

Magnetic coils for satellites & space exploration

Thermocoax magnetic coils are primarily intended for manufacturers of new-generation Hall-effect thrusters that will be used in geostationary satellites. Here, electric propulsors can be deployed in conjunction with chemical propulsors for the different satellite manoeuvres in orbit.

Our coils are also ideal for application in space probes on very long-distance explorations, already demonstrated on Lunar Orbitor SMART-1 between 2003 and 2006. 

How do the coils work?

The magnetic field required for electrical propulsion of spacecraft is generated by placing magnetic coils around the engine. Thermocoax magnetic coils are supplied with cables that have a specific geometry and customised connectors to support the constraints associated with the application and usage time.

Why use Thermocoax magnetic coils?

Thermocoax has been making magnetic coils for the space industry for more than 10 years. Our proprietary mineral insulated cabling is coiled on specific nodes and affixed by a special soldering procedure. Which can only be performed by qualified operators.

Since the magnetic coils are exposed to very high temperatures, Thermocoax provides a solution using cables and electrical connectors that employ metal or ceramic technology.

Magnetic coils : Technical Data

  • Heritage on Smart-1
  • 20 years of experience
  • Mineral insulating cabling
  • Long life
  • Significant stability over time

For more detailed specifications and information about our magnetic coils, please do not hesitate to request a quote.